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List of doctors

Orthopedic surgery

Knee surgery, reconstructive and replacement.

Sports Traumatology.

Specialist in reconstructions:

  • Ligaments (isolated or multiples): anterior/posterior cruciate ligaments, collateral ligaments, PLC
  • Meniscus (partial resection or suture, graft, meniscal implants)
  • Cartilage (microfractures, mosaicplasty)

Different types of prosthetic implants for the knee:

  • Partial replacements (or unicompartmental: internal, external, patellofemoral).
  • Full replacements and replacement revisions.

+ orthopaedic surgery.

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General medicine

General medicine.

Consultations and home visits, by appointment only.


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Marriage and family counselling , Psychology, psychotherapy

Marriage and family counsellor, adults-individuals-couples, analytical psychotherapist.

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Urological surgery, Urology


Adults and children.


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  • General
  • Sports
  • Cranial for babies
  • Visceral


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Sophrology, Mindfulness

Hypnosis & Brief psychotherapy




Improving mental and physical well-being for personal fulfilment and in relationships.

These complementary approaches have demonstrated their effectiveness in overcoming the following difficulties and concerns:

• emotional outbursts, hypersensitivity

• stress, anxiety, distress

• fears, phobias, panic states

• addictions, dependencies

• low self-esteem, lacking self-confidence

• loss of motivation, despondency, overwork, burnout

• chronic and acute pain

• sleep problems

• eating disorders and disordered eating

• relationship problems, separation, bereavement

• distress and angst (feelings of insecurity, shame, guilt, emotional dependence).


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I have been practising osteopathy in Brussels and Paris since 1995. In 2012, I came to join the medical centre in Rixensart, which until now had been known as MEDIRIX and brings together a range of healthcare practitioners.

Osteopathy through its parietal, visceral and cranial manipulation aims to resolve problems in the joints and elsewhere. Manipulation should be understood in the broadest sense.

Osteopathy is also aimed at spinal issues as well as some migraines, sinusitus; intercostal and cervicobrachial neuralgia. In some cases, osteopathy can be used effectively with ENT, digestive, gynaecological, urinary, orthodontic issues as well as in stress management, anxiety management and in treating sleep issues.

We mustn't overlook an important niche, treating newborn babies and young children suffering from congenital torticollis, gastroesophageal reflux, strabismus and behavioural issues. This is not an exhaustive list.

Thanks to my many years of experience in treating patients, I have developed a concept that I have called "Proprioceptive Body Adjustment".  In addition to "classical" treatment, this consists of raising awareness in the patient of his/her poor postural habits, that may be related to stress or not, to then improve his/her posture through several recommended exercises to be carried out daily. It's a case of re-educating oneself in correct posture and appropriate movement, both in one’s professional and private life.


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Psychology , Psychology, psychotherapy

Clinical psychologist, psychotherapist.

Adolescents and adults on an individual basis, as couples or in family groups.


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General physiotherapy.

Chest physiotherapy (Guy Postiaux method).

Shoulder and hand rehabilitation.

Home physiotherapy (Ottignies, LLN, Rixensart).


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General and sports physiotherapy.

Upper and lower limbs. 

Cardiac rehabilitation.



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Therapy consultations for children, adolescents, adults.


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We spend the majority of our time on our feet. 

Consequently, it is not unusual that certain conditions, pains and even deformations develop. 

My aim, as a podiatrist, is to treat these conditions and prevent any injuries related to walking or running. 

With this in mind, I would be delighted to provide a consultation in this regard.


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Paediatric medicine.
Homeopathic paediatric medicine.    

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Physical medicine

Physical Medicine and rehabilitation.

Musculoskeletal system and back conditions.

Sports injuries.

Electromyography (EMG).

Underwater and Hyperbaric Medicine.

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Medical Laboratory

Blood sample collection. Medical analyses.

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Foot care specialist for 10 years.


  • ingrown toenails
  • corns
  • calluses
  • fungal infections

Well-being treatment:

  • Reflexology


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Physiotherapist, Sports physiotherapist

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Internal medicine , Pneumology

General internal medicine.

Respiratory medicine.

Immunology and Allergology.

Sleep issues (adults and children).

Pulmonary and cancer rehabilitation.


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